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Marine Audio


Boomers Audio is the marine audio professional in the Tulsa area. It’s our bread and butter. We love boats – everything about them. In fact, if you frequent Grand Lake or Skiatook Lake, you will often see our demo boat out on the water. If so, stop us and say hi!

A Fully Mobile Marine Audio Installation Team

Our company understands that many times, it is not practical to bring your boat to our facility to have work performed. For this reason, we have developed a complete team of mobile marine technicians who can come to you. The majority of our work is done at the Grand Lake area.

It all Starts with a Consultation

In our opinion, the only way to know for sure that upgrades to the stereo system in your watercraft will meet your needs is by having an audio consultation with one of our highly trained staff. We will go over your boat with you and listen as you explain your goals for the system. During our time together, we will offer our time-tested suggestions. We will use all this information to work up a proposal designed specifically on you.

Higher-quality Products

When you come to us, you are getting a team of passionate boat people who understand what life on the water is all about. We know the abuse that happens to any electronics that end up getting installed. For this reason, we only use marine-grade products for your installation. Even better, the finest marine audio vendors have sought us out based on our reputation, allowing us to offer you the finest products available at every price point.

Installations Designed to Stand the Test of Time

The installation team at Boomers Audio knows what it takes to perform an installation that will stand the test of time. We use only marine-grade materials and employ reference-standard methods. Our wiring is neatly loomed and securely mounted to allow for easy servicing in the future. Every connection gets soldered with protective heat-shrink, and our hardware is stainless steel. When you are out on the lake, the last thing you want to worry about is your stereo system.

From Basic Upgrades to a Concert on the Water

Are you the kind of person who just wants to hear your music while cruising? We have you covered with simple upgrades, including popular options like Bluetooth for music streaming. Maybe you want an audio system that makes your music come alive? You want to feel and hear your music, whether at speed or while enjoying watersports ­– a concert on the water is part of your plan. Yep, we do that as well.


Play Your Music All Day

Multiple battery setups are a must if you want to be able to play all day without running out of power. Our systems are built and tuned to handle those long adventures on the water. An improper setup could result in not being able to start your engine when it is time to go home. Our engineered systems won’t let you down.

LED Lighting Options

An option that continues to grow in popularity every year is LED lighting. We can replace existing yellow lighting with white, add color-changing options and – most importantly – provide underwater lighting. Accent lighting is a common upgrade for us. This gives the boat a beautiful glow at night while making it safer for people to move around.


Schedule a Consultation

The next step in getting a marine audio system is scheduling a consultation with one of our team. You can click HERE or stop by at your convenience. Let us show you why more and more people around Tulsa come to Boomers Audio every year.






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Boomers Audio

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