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About Us


Mike and Sandy founded Boomers Audio in 2002 after they saw a need for better-quality service in the Tulsa area. In the beginning, it was Mike doing all the sales and installations by himself in a small location. Over the years, the company has grown to include six employees and a 9,000+-square-foot location with a welcoming showroom, separate fabrication department and space for almost anything you can bring us.

Music is Our Passion

Our whole team is passionate about music, and we all love coming to work every day because of it. Since we’re a single-store operation, we have a tightly knit staff, giving us the opportunity to provide every client with personalized service.

Solutions, Not Products

One of the biggest differences between us and most car audio shops is how we relate to our clients. Instead of focusing on a myriad of products, we focus on a solution. When you come and visit us, our team will look over your vehicle and listen as you explain your goals for the upgrades. After listening to equipment in our state-of-the-art showroom, we design solutions that best fit your needs. You won’t hear lots of high-end technical talk; rather, we will address real-world benefits that will make your drive more enjoyable.

Constant Training to Improve our Craft

We are always up to date on the latest and greatest in automotive technology, whether it’s through attending a training session or a trade shos. Our collective team has over 100 years combined experience, so you can rest comfortably knowing a well-trained professional is working on your vehicle.

Significant Investment in our Facility

The size of our building also separates us from the competition and allows us to

keep all clients’ cars, boats, motorcycles or even RVs safe and protected inside. Each

technician has his own bay and door, so there are no worries about cramming vehicles next to each other while they are being serviced.

Expert Level Care

Our technicians are dedicated to treating your vehicle just like their own. We know

these are your babies, and we promise to treat them with professional service. Before the installation begins, we have a 30-point inspection sheet that provides step-by-step instructions on evaluating a vehicle’s condition. We use only the best equipment to service every vehicle. Some of that equipment includes battery maintainers, electrical load detectors, battery life testers, etc., to ensure a prolonged battery life after we complete your Boomers upgrades.

One-on-one Discussions after the Job is Finished

After an installation is complete, every client receives a personal one-on-one consultation to make sure they completely understand how everything operates. This service is provided by the very technician who worked on their car, so there is no possibility of miscommunication.

We Stand Behind Our Work

Boomers Audio provides every client with a non-transferrable lifetime warranty on any labor performed to their vehicle. (This does not include repair labor on OEM

equipment.) We strive to work with the best manufacturers in the industry to ensure that any equipment we use is of the best caliber, giving our clients years of reliable use.

Come See Us

The next step is to come see us for yourself. We are confident that once you experience Boomers Audio, you will understand why more people in the Tulsa area choose us year after year. You can also click HERE for more information about any of our products and services.






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Boomers Audio

7601 E 46th Street

Tulsa, OK 74145

Phone: 918-622-6667


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